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Best Pizza in Nashville

Updated: May 20

Here we are again, midway through March and officially into Daylight Savings Time.

I hope you're all managing to absorb the change with grace and enjoy what the season brings (green beer!), because with Spring in the air and warmer weather nudging out the cold, people are venturing out in droves to hit up patios, parks, live shows, and plenty else, not to mention trying all the latest food spots in town. And with that rushed little segue, enter this issue's question...

Q:  What are the top 5 pizza places in the Nashville area?


Nestled over on the West side of town right in the heart of the Nations is the first entry on this list and my own personal favorite go-to for the closest thing to a NY pie. Midnight Oil hasn't been around for long, but it's already made quite a name for itself, even getting the attention of the infamous Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports (who gave it a criminally low score last year due to his aversion to what he calls "too much New York flop"). The pies here (we're talking pizza pies, obviously - not the cherry or pumpkin variety) come in one size only: massive. I'm talking 20 whopping inches. Go big, or go home, baby!

If jalapenos don't scare you (and why would they? You're all Hispanic, right?), get the "Sweet Heat." It's their flagship pie and is guaranteed to please.


Can't decide between lasagna and pizza? Split the difference and go for the most pie-like of them all: a Chicago deep-dish pizza at 312 Pizza in Germantown. Brought into being by a culinarily gifted Chicagoan family after their move to Nashville left them missing the taste of home, every dish served here (they do more than just pizza) is made from scratch with many items locally sourced. Want a taste of Chicago but not a deep-dish fan? Try their thin crust offerings, or maybe a Chicago dog. All are prepared with only the best ingredients and plenty of love - never rushed.


Another favorite of mine is known for a third variety of pie: the Detroit style. With a thick, fluffy crust that's nicely crisped on the outside and delectably gooey on the inside, and a bevy of creative options for toppings (kimchi & sausage, pesto & vodka sauce, mushroom cream & ricotta), this is another option that is sure to leave you grinning like a goon as you roll yourself out the door post-meal. That's right, don't let the description or even the appearance of the pizzas fool you. A single 6-slice pie will fill most people up just fine, especially if you pair it with one of their beautifully crafted cocktails or choice cervezas from their expertly balanced beer list.


Found in the cozy setting of Edgehill Village is Bella Napoli, a classic Nashville staple that's been around for years and specializes in Neapolitan pizza, which originates from Naples, Italy. Appropriately, Bella is co-managed by owner Chef Francesco Angelillo and Chef Marco Sedda, both of which are renowned in the culinary arts and bring all of their talents to the table at Bella Napoli not only in the form of their incredible pizzas, but also in myriad Italian dishes that are guaranteed to delight every last taste bud you know about and likely others you didn't even know you had.


Hey, it's a piece on Nashville pizza. No way I'm leaving this one off. Treasured for years by locals and in-the-know tourists alike, Five Points Pizza never misses the mark, serving up a beautiful variety of reliably spectacular NY style pies to satisfy even the most particular palates. They even offer a vegan option for the most delicate and trendy among us. Add to all of that an extensive beer list along with locally baked Hifi Cookies for dessert, and you just can't go wrong with this place. Tell 'em the Gringo sent you.


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