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Burger Week

Updated: Jul 9

Attention! This issue's column is time sensitive, so please take note! Believe me when I say to you that you do not want to miss this, because this week is an extra special one. It's something that typically only comes around once per year, but this year marks the 10th official version of this glorious celebration of a century-long culinary gem and staple of the

American diet: the hamburger. Yes, my friends, I am talking about Nashville Burger Week, and by the time you read this, it will be upon us.

Running this year from July 8th through the 14th, 2024's Nashville Burger Week currently shows to have 61 participating restaurants, taverns, and other establishments joining the festivities, each with their own unique burger to offer up to the hungry masses, and each costing only $7. Yep, you read that right: a mere 7 Washingtons per burger. And some of these are massive, folks. I'm talking a solid half pound or more of beef, and many doctored up with such unconventional toppings as pickled squash, peanut butter, BBQ pork, and various fruit spreads and bacon jams. Not only that, but Nashville Burger Week's sponsor, Yoco Vodka, is playing a large part, with many of the participating establishments offering specials on cocktails featuring the aforementioned spirit.

How does all of this work? Well, as it happens, this thing has become big enough to apparently warrant its own app. That's right, Nashville Burger Week has its own app now, which is free to download via the Apple App Store or Google Play, so acquiring that will be your first step. Sign up with your email address to get started. Once in, the app helps you map out your week of burger trials and lets you check in at each place you visit. Each stop at participating eateries earns points. At the end of the week, these points are tallied, and the person having accrued the most is bestowed the title of the "Biggest Burger Lover in Nashville." Check into at least 5 of these restaurants over the course of the week, and you're entered into a drawing to win the grand prize: $500 in gift cards at participating establishments and a $50 voucher for Uber Eats. Not too shabby, right? What's more, there are a couple of other ways to win. Snapping a photo of your burgers and posting them to social media using #SceneBurgerWeek24 and tagging @nashvillescene will earn you an entry into a drawing to win a $50 gift card to a participating eatery of your choice, and voting on the burgers you try also enters you to win more prizes.

A quick word of advice: some restaurants require that you dine-in, so check the details for any spot before you go. Also, keep in mind that places sometimes do run out of burgers, so make sure to prioritize your stops and get there as early as you can.

Finally, just in case this makes it to print in time, I shouldn't neglect to mention that Bad Axe Throwing (652 Fogg Street, downtown) is hosting a Nashville Burger Week kick-off party on Monday, July 8th from 5 to 7pm with food and drink specials, free samples, and a photo booth, so warm up that throwing arm and join the fun! Cheers, and happy eating! 


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