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Valentine's Day around Nashville

Q: Any recommendations on celebrating Valentine's Day around Nashville?

Inquiring minds, don't balk at what I'm about to say, but my immediate answer? Don't. That's my advice. Okay, to clarify, I'm more referring specifically to going out on the 14th. It's crowded and the prices are usually inflated, which means struggles to find parking and your wallet being lighter at the end of it all. So, what then?

Am I suggesting the coupled among us skip it all and let the holiday sharing its initials with venereal disease pass us by without observance? As a currently single man, it might be easy for me to crankily issue such advice, but no, I'm your trusted gringo after all, and I have a responsibility to rise above my own ennui. Besides, single or not, I'm a romantic at heart and would never want any of you to miss out on holiday shenanigans that might enrich your experience.

So, while having an amorous night in can certainly make for just as sweet and satisfying a celebration, for those of you who are itching to go out and stretch your legs before wrapping them around each other, the smartest option in my eyes is to simply do so on a night around, but not actually on, the 14th. The 13th, the 15th or, especially if the holiday lands during the week, the weekend before or after, are all great options. Look at it as hacking the system. So, now that you know when to go, where do you go?


A beloved historic spot, Nashville's Love Circle is the highest lookout point in the city, residing at a hefty 744 feet above sea level and overlooking downtown. Its namesake comes from its popularity as a charming point for lovers to visit to escape the noise of Nashville while still admiring its beauty as it ornaments the horizon. Provided it's not overcrowded when you go, it's a virtually unbeatable setting for a romantic picnic. If you opt for this to start your Valentine's Day evening, try to get set up no later than 5pm, so that you can pop the red as the sun sets.


Starting with the "more," Candlelight Concerts is presenting the Listeso String Quartet at the Parthenon, as they perform various well-known pieces from Romeo & Juliet, Ennio Morricone, and more, set among candlelight in front of the towering statue of Athena. For dinner, my top recommendation is always going to be Margot Cafe for incredible food, people, and ambience. All the same, if you're looking to get ultra-fancy, there are a few special collaborative chef experiences lined up for the month that you can find by simply searching the interwebs for "Dine Nashville."

For those with a sweet-tooth, the JW Marriott has a pop-up dessert lounge called "the Sweet Spot'' that's set to pair delectably sweet treats with craft cocktails set amongst "candlelight, plush seating, wainscot paneling, a stately fireplace [and a] 10-foot glass chandelier." Ooh, la la! Running from the 9th to the 17th, that leaves a nice, big window in which to secure yourself a spot to indulge.

All this said, if you're simply determined to brave the crowds on the 14th, are the boozing type and don't mind joining the mania of downtown, you could always check out the Stupid Cupid Pub Crawl starting stupid-early at 5pm and running until a meager 7:30pm down at Printer's Alley. Obviously, you can take this as late as you want, but it's a good jumping-off point if nothing else and is sponsored by the local "Music City Pub Crawl" group, so there's sure to be a decent turnout.

Whatever you do, here's to having the best time doing it. In the spirit of the holiday, be generous with the love all around, stay safe, and we'll catch you next issue!


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