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What would you say are some of the better ice breakers for a first date?

Buenos días, Latinas and Latinos! This issue's question is a bit of a departure from the usual. This issue, we're dipping into the dating scene. Yep. No worries, though. I'll keep it G-rated.

Okay, PG.

A: You mean aside from the obvious ones, like showing up sans eyebrows or wearing a fruit hat? Sure, those will always be reliable go-to's, but why not consider opting for something more conventional? I'll say that I've certainly had my share of dates and, speaking from experience, simply approaching the situation with a healthy dose of confidence and a welcoming smile is a good start. After that, though, what do you say?


I dunno about you guys, but I'm a hugger. I know that phrase can be obnoxious, but it also happens to be true in this case. Starting your date with a polite but affectionate move like a brief hug communicates a lot in only a couple of seconds. Not only does this kick off a potential romantic affair with as warm a gesture as is socially acceptable, but it's also a nice display of that confidence I mentioned while even helping to serve to test the waters for potential physical chemistry between you and your date. Win/win.


Everyone appreciates compliments, right? Well then, what better way to start with a new date than by flattering them? Of course, you'll want to keep it conservative. Pay attention. What stands out about her now that she's in front of you? Does she have a remarkable smile? Tell her so. Does she light up the room? Share with her that she looks even more radiant in person. If nothing else, a simple "You look great" can go a long way.

A side bonus to this: if she doesn't reciprocate in some way (e.g., "You look terrific!" "So do you!"), that could be a hint that she might not be quite as impressed with you as you are with her. Consider upping your game.


That's a round of drinks, to be clear. Why? Because social lubrication, that's why. It's also easy and reveals your taste in drinks, letting your date know something about you, which is kind of the point of this whole thing. Wanna impress? Ask her what she likes before the server comes by, then order for the both of you. Do this for the food, too. Always a classy move.


Hey, this isn't a dating class. We're just talking ice breakers here. But beyond these? Forgive the cliche, but my best advice is to be yourself. Obviously, try for the best version of yourself (keep as many of your flaws tucked back as you can; they can discover those later) but don't misrepresent who you are. Be you in all your glory (personality-wise; not advising you to strip down to your birthday suit; that's also for later).

You want to determine if this person's a good fit for you or not, and all that presenting yourself as someone else is going to tell you is how good a fit they might be for the person you're pretending to be, which isn't doing either of you any favors. So, lead with confidence, a compliment, a couple of cocktails, and maybe pocket a condom. That last one's said half-joking as an excuse for more alliteration, but then again, hey, it never hurts to be prepared.

Good luck out there in the jungle, and I'll see you next issue! 


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